Weekly Tarot Forecast: Financial Success

Financial success on the horizon. Photo: Reproduction Pexels
Financial success on the horizon. Photo: Reproduction Pexels

From January 22 to 29, it will be a week of positive energies for financial success, according to the weekly tarot forecast.

+ Sign Combination – Scorpio and Capricorn

+ Sign Combination – Capricorn and Leo

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Seek to have more calmness and choose your words wisely; any slip-up could lead to unnecessary arguments. The energies are not positive for delving into the past, as the past is gone. It’s time to look forward and live in the present; this is the right way to ensure a good future in love. The tarot card advising this caution is the “Lilies.” This card signifies a desire for peace to be by your side, so cultivate positive energies.


For those who think it’s challenging to secure good deals, the week will surprise you. You’ll have unexpected chances for progress and good opportunities. The card from the Gypsy Tarot paving the way for your professional life is the “Ship.” This means it will be a week full of good contacts and new expectations. Stay focused and have faith, and you’ll find new paths to success.


Money will come your way; your energy will be high to resolve financial matters, receive old debts, and especially gain extra income. The Gypsy Tarot card guiding the week in terms of money is the “Key.” This card signifies opening a new cycle of achievements and realizations. It’s important to stay away from people who are not on the same wavelength as you this week.


Your mental and physical health depend a lot on the choices you make in your life. If you remain attached to people who drain your energy, you will undoubtedly experience physical and, especially, spiritual problems. Filter out negativity and don’t let yourself be affected by these bad energies. The Gypsy Tarot card warning about spiritual care is the “Tower,” signifying that you need to be more cautious.

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