Weekly tarot forecast: let’s enjoy life together

Weekly tarot forecast

The weekly tarot forecast indicates that this week will be ideal for enjoying life together.

Check out the complete weekly tarot forecast for this week (26/02 to 03/03).

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For those who were complaining about love, the week comes with full force for the lovers; those who are single won’t remain so for long, those going through a rough patch in their relationship will see things getting better, and for those seeking reconciliation, this will be the moment. The card from the Gypsy tarot that will take care of your heart is the “Garden,” which means that love is in the air, so cherish every moment.


Calm is approaching, it’s a time for reflection, a time to consider if this is really what you want for your professional life, time to make decisions and seek what will truly bring you growth and break away from routine. The card from the Gypsy tarot issuing this warning is “The Birds,” meaning it’s time to take new flights and seek what truly makes you happy.


A week on alert regarding unnecessary expenses, avoid the traps of temptation, strive for financial organization, no excess, don’t seek future headaches. The card from the Gypsy tarot ruling the week is “The Clouds,” and it warns that money doesn’t tolerate disrespect, so don’t abuse spending.


Taking care of health amidst the daily hustle is not easy, but it’s necessary not to overdo it. Strive for a balanced diet, take short walks, and, most importantly, take time to rest—no excess to ensure your body and mind continue to maintain good health. The card from the Gypsy tarot requesting this care is “The Rat,” meaning you shouldn’t let your energy be nibbled away due to a lack of discipline.

By Samantha Di Khali

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