Weekly Tarot Forecast: Positive Energies in Love

Weekly Tarot Forecast

The weekly tarot forecast for the first week of July indicates positive energies for love paths.

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The character from “Inside Out” for each zodiac sign


This week, it’s important to maintain balance, as many relationships will take a definitive turn. The energies are favorable for those who know how to use the right words at the right time. The card from the gypsy deck that speaks of this is the “Heart,” which shows solid feelings. Try to act with your heart and avoid making hasty decisions, letting love fully enter your life.


Positive changes in every sense, the card that will rule your professional life this week is the “Stork.” This means you will have new opportunities and growth. If you are looking for a job, this will be a good time to conquer new spaces.


The card from the gypsy deck that will shine light on your finances is the “Sun.” This card represents all the positive energy concentrated on your money. For those worried about its lack, this week will bring good news, and you will be able to breathe easier after so much struggle.


A week with good energies for health, the card that will set the tone for your health is the “Bouquet.” It only appears in health when everything is going to be fine, so if you are undergoing or starting a treatment, you can be at peace because everything will go very well, and you will have absolute success.

By Samantha Di Khali

This content was translated with the help of AI.

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