Which dog breed best represents your zodiac sign?

Which dog breed best represents your zodiac sign?
Which dog breed best represents your zodiac sign? Photo: pexels

Some of our characteristics and behaviors can be found in certain dog breeds.

That’s why we’ve listed which dog best matches each zodiac sign, based on the general characteristics of each. Check it out!

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Aries: Pinscher

This is a dog full of energy, loyal to its owners, protective, and stubborn. In certain situations, it can become aggressive.

Taurus: Bulldog

A strong, calm dog that’s attentive and very watchful of strangers. One of its major traits is being very stubborn.

Gemini: Beagle

A friendly, curious, cheerful, and playful dog. It’s sociable, a bit stubborn, and quite active.

Cancer: Pug

A protective and careful dog that loves to please its owner and family. It’s quite wary of strangers and possessive of its owner.

Leo: German Shepherd

A strong, alert, and self-confident dog. It has a great understanding capacity and loves receiving praises and affection from its owner.

Virgo: Akita

An observant, intelligent, calm, and reserved dog. Highly loyal to its owner, and at times, can be a bit stubborn.

Libra: Yorkshire

A lovable, attached, and very owner-dependent dog. Playful, fun, smart (learns quickly), and sociable. It dislikes being alone and easily befriends people of all ages.

Scorpio: Rottweiler

An observant, loving, dominant, and very strong dog. Highly protective and will do anything to safeguard its owner and family.

Sagittarius: Labrador

An energetic and friendly dog that easily adapts to the routine of life. Extremely playful and hates solitude and indifference. If left alone for too long, they might cause havoc.

Capricorn: Dalmatian

An active, independent, observant, and alert dog. Known for its great loyalty to the owner. On the other hand, it can be quite distrustful.

Aquarius: Boxer

One of the friendliest, laid-back, and independent dogs. Smart and learns easily when taught. Despite this, it can be very stubborn.

Pisces: German Spitz

A very affectionate, gentle, calm, and attentive dog. Besides being very protective and caring, it’s attached to its owner. Enjoys attention and can become depressed.
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