Why Do Bad Things Happen? Astrology Provides an Explanation!

Why do bad things happen? Astrology provides an explanation!
Why do bad things happen? Astrology provides an explanation! Photo: pexels

Life is a complex tapestry of experiences woven by moments of joy, sadness, victory, and adversity. For centuries, humanity has grappled with the question: “Why do bad things happen?” Does astrology provide an answer?

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Let’s dive into the cosmic wisdom of Tarot Astrology to discover possible reasons behind life’s tough moments and the potential for growth and understanding that these bring.

The Mystery of Life’s Adversities

Bad things, be they hardships, losses, or challenges, are inescapable parts of the human experience. Despite our best efforts, life often throws curveballs our way, leaving us to grapple with the complexities of fate. In Tarot Astrology, each card represents an aspect of life’s journey, providing deep insight into the mystery of life’s adversities.

The Fool’s Journey

The Tarot follows the journey of the Fool, the symbol of the soul’s quest for knowledge and enlightenment. On this path, the Fool encounters positive and negative experiences, teaching us that adversities are integral parts of our growth and development. Tarot Astrology reminds us that we gain our wisdom and inner strength through life’s challenges.

The Tower Card

Accepting change and transformation: In Tarot Astrology, the Tower card represents sudden turns and changes. When bad things happen, we often feel as if our world is falling apart. However, the Tower reminds us that such events are catalysts for transformation and growth. Sometimes, to build something new, the old structures need to be torn down.

The Strength Card

Drawing strength from resilience: The Strength card embodies resilience and courage in the face of adversity. Tarot Astrology teaches us that bad things happen to test our inner strength and ability to overcome hardships. Like the lion on the Strength card, we learn to face our challenges and discover the sources of our inner bravery.

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The Hanged Man

Finding new perspectives: The Hanged Man card in Tarot Astrology represents voluntary surrender and a shift in perspective. When bad things happen, it can be an opportunity to let go of preconceptions and adopt a new viewpoint. The Hanged Man teaches us that sometimes to find solutions, we need to change our perspective.

Karma and Lessons to Be Learned

Tarot Astrology, like many spiritual practices, acknowledges the concept of karma – the law of cause and effect. Bad things may be the results of past actions, or karmic patterns that need to be resolved. These challenging experiences offer learning and growth opportunities, allowing us to break free from negative cycles.

The Justice Card

Creating balance: The Justice card in Tarot Astrology symbolizes balance and fairness. Bad things might happen to draw our attention to areas of life that need balance. It encourages us to take responsibility for our actions and make decisions that align with our highest values.

The Moon Card

Navigating the unknown: The Moon card embraces mystery and the subconscious. When bad things happen, they can lead us into the world of the unknown. Tarot Astrology teaches us to trust our instincts and accept uncertainty as we navigate through life’s most difficult moments.

The Fool’s Free Will

While certain events in life might be uncontrollable, the Tarot reminds us that we have the free will to decide how to react to them. The Fool, possessing an adventurous spirit, encourages us to embrace our choices and take the helm as we navigate through life’s challenges.

The High Priestess Card

Seeking guidance and wisdom: The High Priestess card in Tarot Astrology symbolizes the search for wisdom from higher sources. In tough times, Tarot Astrology encourages us to seek guidance, support, and wisdom from mentors, spiritual leaders, or our inner self. Connecting to higher knowledge can help us find meaning in difficult situations.
Why bad things happen is one of life’s enduring mysteries. Tarot Astrology offers cosmic insights into the complexity of human experience. From the transformative power of the Tower to the resilience of the Strength card, the Tarot reminds us that adversities bring opportunities for growth, learning, and inner strength.

Through the journey of the Fool, we understand that life is a sequence of experiences that shape our soul. The Justice card teaches us to create balance and fairness, while the Hanged Man calls us to change our perspective. We encounter challenges for karmic reasons, providing opportunities to resolve past patterns.

Ultimately, Tarot Astrology empowers us to face life’s adversities with courage and grace. By accepting changes, seeking wisdom, and navigating the unknown, we can uncover deeper meaning and understanding in the face of life’s trials. Through this transformative journey, we are reminded that bad things do not happen to tear us down, but to awaken within us the power and wisdom.

Source: Astrotalk

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