Why is Saturn so feared?

Por que Saturno é tão temido? Saiba lidar com sua nova posição. Foto: Pixabay
Why is Saturn so feared?. Photo: Pixabay

For those who usually follow astrology, just the mention of the word Saturn can, at the very least, send shivers down their spines.

Saturn is undoubtedly among the most feared planets in our Solar System.

Saturn carries an aura of fatality, but, certainly, there is a misunderstanding about how beneficial it can be and how much it can help us throughout our lives.

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Those who have the ascendant or any other planet in one of these signs felt the weight of Saturn’s hands in their lives.

Sagittarians, Geminis, Virgos, and Pisces can already feel the strength of Saturn and are also beginning to notice its signs.

The paths will be traced slowly and surely, for this lord has no hurry nor does he sympathize with human weakness.

Saturn in Sagittarius will touch everyone’s life, but especially those who have the Sun, ascendant, or significant planets in these four signs.

Saturn in Sagittarius, collectively, will force us to reassess our faith and bring us opportunities to reclaim our personal power.

Studies, meditation, travel, moving to different cities and countries, the hunger for knowledge, publications, all this will gain strength and weight in the coming years. See the profile of each zodiac sign.

Lord of Karma

Saturn is dry, severe, tough, and even his qualities don’t sound too good to us. When he touches our natal chart, he demands and does not accept excuses. He requires self-control, seriousness, responsibility, caution. He is Chronos, the lord of time, and he does not accept any form of anxiety when we are being guided by him. I usually say that Saturn has no sense of humor, he is always with a furrowed brow and ready for a good lesson if, by chance, we step out of line.

The transit of Saturn through our natal chart, when it involves our sun sign, ascendant, Moon, or any planet that is in his path, limits, brings obstacles, often frustrates and brings us losses that we thought we could not bear. Saturn often brings pain, but that pain that educates, that makes us grow and take our own path. It is clear that we take some time to understand his strength and necessity. But, when we begin to perceive his message and unite with him, ah! The feeling of protection and satisfaction begins to fill our heart.

Security and protection arise because Saturn points us in the direction of stability and the creation of important structures in our lives. It’s like constructing a building, where we need to clear the land and start with a solid foundation.

Work is his name and, when he touches our lives, the best thing we can do is roll up our sleeves and work hard in the direction of our goals. Patience and wisdom are qualities that Saturn tends to make us develop. This is why Saturn rules old age.

Saturn teaches, pulls us off the uncertain path and puts us on the right track. He forces us to revise goals, paths and gives us the necessary strength to keep going. This is why he is also known as the lord of karma. His symbol is a skull with a scythe in hand.

When he arrives, he cuts down everything that is not in accordance with your destiny, so that the land is well prepared for a new planting and harvest.

Nothing that we go through when Saturn crosses our lives is unnecessary, as it educates us and matures us. Saturn is the typical strict father who demands from his children so that they become better people.

Older people usually have an easier time dealing with Saturn’s energy, for obvious reasons, since Saturn not only rules old age but also makes us more mature and wise.

Hands to work in building another stage of life!

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