Words for each sign

As palavras para cada signo
Words for each sign. Photo: pexels

The Instagram profile “Horóscopo Negro”, which mixes humor and astrology, defined each sign in just three words.

Of course, it’s very little to describe something as complex as personality, but we decided to join the fun and tell you here what these expressions are that would characterize each sign.

+ The 4 most indecisive signs

Aries: sexy, unique, fast

Taurus: sensual, fun, smart

Gemini: spontaneous, sarcastic, dramatic

Cancer: sweet, reserved, faithful

Leo: adventurous, spontaneous, attractive

Virgo: reserved, interesting, serious

Libra: fair, amiable, talkative

Scorpio: loyal, attractive, smart

Sagittarius: adventurous, fun, laughable

Capricorn: ingenious, hard-working, ambitious

Aquarius: sweet, amiable, desired

Pisces: affectionate, romantic, dramatic

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