Zodiac Combination – Libra and Sagittarius

Zodiac Combination - Libra and Sagittarius. Photo: Pixabay
Zodiac Combination – Libra and Sagittarius. Photo: Pixabay

Sagittarius feels absolutely enchanted when in front of a person of Libra.

Discover which signs match best among all zodiac signs: Libra and Sagittarius

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The refinement of gestures, words, and good taste undoubtedly enchants our child of Jupiter, the greatest seducer of the zodiac.

Like a Zeus’ offspring, they surely won’t resist the charms of someone ruled by the goddess of love.

However, while Libra takes Sagittarius’ attempts at conquest and seduction seriously, the latter certainly spins around Libra without sticking to any kind of seriousness or commitment.

Yet, if Sagittarius truly becomes enchanted, the relationship between these two signs can be very harmonious, as they both share a taste for pleasures and the good things life offers.

Libra is intelligent, and that’s one of its best qualities, something Sagittarius typically values most in a partner.

Sagittarius’ great humor can put Libra in a state of grace and will surely enchant our intriguing Libran immensely.

Both share a liking for a bustling social life full of cultural events, fashion, and the arts.

They both enjoy movement, and neither of them is complacent.

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They love to travel and also enjoy a good meal, as well as indulging in good reads and thought-provoking films.

Libra and Sagittarius are two mental signs, meaning they both primarily shape life through concepts that first pass through the brain and then the heart.

Libra values freedom, which is a fundamental factor for any relationship with a Sagittarian.

Neither will suppress the other’s freedom, and there will be much respect for each other’s choices.

Sagittarius is direct and purposeful, which might bother our Libran friend who never gets straight to the point.

For the same reason, Sagittarius might get annoyed with Libra’s indecisiveness and difficulties in facing confrontation.

In the end, this is a couple that could work out.

Another point of conflict might be Sagittarius’ difficulty in keeping silent about what they feel should be said. This could bruise Libra’s pride.

In bed, the two form a beautiful pair, with allure like delicateness and affection, not to mention the warmth each has to offer the other.

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