Zodiac Compatibility – Scorpio and Aquarius

Zodiac Compatibility – Scorpio and Aquarius
Zodiac Compatibility – Scorpio and Aquarius. Illustration: Signo.net

Discover which sign is the best match for yours: Scorpio and Aquarius

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The attraction may be immediate, but this is a couple that will hardly work in balance. Water signs with air signs rarely match.
Scorpio, child of Pluto, the Lord of the underworld, is a water sign, consisting of people who wear their emotions on their sleeve, are visceral, controlling, and jealous.

Scorpio is strong, intense, passionate, gives themselves easily, and cannot live without a good argument. Not to mention their need for control, jealousy, and sense of possession that they carry naturally.

These characteristics are enough for our Aquarian friend, ruled by Uranus, the planet that symbolizes freedom, to run far away, never to return.

Aquarius is mental, unemotional, independent, hates dramatic emotional scenes, is intellectual, and values their freedom above all else.

Giving explanations about where they are going and when they will return? That’s for water signs, not air or fire signs. Aquarius, along with Sagittarius, is the most independent sign of the zodiac, who do not understand why people suffer from loneliness.

Aquarius cannot stand demands, too many questions about where they have been, who they were with, and until what time they stayed here or there.

For Scorpio, these questions are natural and they can answer them without any tension or stress, because for them, these things are part of any relationship.

But not for Aquarius. When Scorpio realizes they cannot “possess” our Aquarian friend, they resort to blackmail and manipulation.

Scorpio will become furious every time Aquarius simply ignores their questions because, after some time, that is exactly what Aquarius will do. This is a death sentence for our vengeful Scorpio.

From then on, war is declared, and the best thing to do is for each to go their own way. Surely this is a relationship that should not go beyond casual.

Otherwise, suffering is almost certain, especially for Scorpio, who gets attached very easily.

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