Zodiac Compatibility – Virgo and Sagittarius

Zodiac Compatibility – Virgo and Sagittarius. Illustration: Condutta
Zodiac Compatibility – Virgo and Sagittarius. Illustration: Condutta

Discover who your sign is most compatible with: Virgo and Sagittarius

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This is a duo that may find more affinity as friends.
There is a natural attraction between them, and as both are intellectual signs, they may fall in love, perhaps unexpectedly, with each other’s mind and intelligence.

Both love the outdoors and some adventure sports, such as hiking and eco-sports. However, as a couple, understanding each other may be difficult.

Sagittarius belongs to the fire element, is the child of Zeus, the most exaggerated god of the zodiac. Sagittarius is too adventurous for the sensible Virgo sign.

Sagittarius is brave, adventurous, and courageous. Life only makes sense for them if they can gallop away, exploring other tribes, other places.

Virgo is fearful, cautious, and will not take a single step forward if sensing any danger lurking, and of course, there will always be danger in everything new.

Nothing is safe enough and tends to keep to a well-known path. Virgo gets overwhelmed just hearing some of their stories and risks.

Virgo needs security, trust, and stability. Sagittarius is averse to all this, being a fickle, adventurous sign, and always preferring novelty to the old routine, which is absolutely necessary for every Virgo.

Virgos are full of rules, with defined schedules, and a rigorously established routine. Sagittarius likes new things and a bit of unpredictability to spice up life and have stories to tell friends.

Therefore, their relationship with daily life is totally different, which can be a point of great conflict between them: while Virgo meticulously plans their weekly agenda with schedules and tasks to fulfill, Sagittarius always seeks novelty, lets life happen on its own, living life as it comes in the way they find convenient at the moment.

The more novelty, the better, as they are people who detest routine. A Virgo routine could be extremely tedious for Sagittarians, a sworn death decree.

In bed, the freedom and lack of inhibitions of Sagittarians may slightly scare the modest Virgo.

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