Zodiac Sign Combination – Pisces and Gemini

Zodiac Sign Combination - Pisces and Gemini. Photo: Pixabay
Zodiac Sign Combination – Pisces and Gemini. Photo: Pixabay

Pisces and Gemini: Discover which signs pair best among all the zodiac signs

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This duo may suffer from a lack of consistency and total misunderstanding, even about what they say.
They live in entirely different worlds, both within and outside themselves. They are sensitive, but each in their own way.

Gemini is highly mental and perceives the world through the mind.

Pisces has sensitivity on the skin’s surface, so intense and deep that most of the time, they cannot put their impressions into words.

They vibrate at distinct frequencies.

Unstable and fickle, if there’s attraction between them, it may only last for a few days.

Unless there’s something more compatible in their charts that brings them closer.

Neither one can create a climate of safety and stability, and the relationship may even end due to the difficulty of realization they both have.

A minimum stability is necessary for the relationship to grow and mature.

The excess of emotionality in Pisces can shock and scare Gemini, even if they are very sensitive.

Similarly, Gemini’s difficulties with the emotional world cause Pisces to distance themselves more and more from their Gemini companion.

Too much emotion always clashes with excessive rationality.
Opposite worlds almost never meet, so it is more likely that this relationship will last only a few days or months.

Stability and durability are not part of the vocabulary of either sign.

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