Zodiac Sign Combination – Pisces and Virgo

Zodiac Sign Combination – Pisces and Virgo. Photo: Pixabay
Zodiac Sign Combination – Pisces and Virgo. Photo: Pixabay

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Here is another interesting complementary pair. Opposite signs can get along very well if there is respect, as they always complement each other.
Virgo, an Earth sign, is simple and tied to routine and work, concerned with the details and minutiae of everything around them.

Pisces, a complex, sophisticated, aquatic, and unpredictable sign, is unstable and sensitive to the subtlest nuances of life.

Pisces is romantic and has a great difficulty in adapting to life as it is.

Virgo is pragmatic, critical, and politicized. Pisces loves mental travels and the invisible, subtle, and spiritual world is their greatest acquaintance.

Virgo is intellectual and always has their feet firmly planted on the ground, tied to social and political issues and averse to class differences and social injustices.

At first, so many differences may scare, but with good sense and a lot of sensitivity, which this pair has in abundance, they can complement each other, as one has much to learn from the other.

Virgo can give form to Pisces’ dreams, accepting them and making them reality, at the same time that Pisces teaches Virgo the value of everything we feel and do not see with our physical eyes.

It can teach them to let go and surrender to forces that are greater than the two of them together, greater than life itself.

Life is not made only of concrete reality nor of dreams of a better place to live, but of both.

Virgo and Pisces must learn to use their powers and sensitivities to dream and realize their dreams together, complementing each other.

In bed, love flows naturally and one completes the other.

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