7 things you should never say to Scorpios

7 things you should never say to Scorpios
7 things you should never say to Scorpios. Photo: Unsplash

Scorpios are known for some important characteristics, including their devotion and fierce loyalty. These are great qualities to look for in a friend or partner: you can count on a Scorpio to protect you and stand by your side when you need them.

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However, Scorpios’ ferocity can also be redirected towards their loved ones if provoked in a conversation. According to astrologers, to avoid this, there are a few things you should never say to a Scorpio.
“When communicating with Scorpios, every word carries weight,” says Raquel Rodriguez, astrologer and founder of Your Zodiac, to Best Life. “You need to be mindful of what you say to Scorpios because of their deep and intense personality. Scorpios have heightened sensitivity and sharp intuition. They can easily pick up on subtle cues and hidden meanings behind words. Words can have a profound impact on their emotions and how they perceive you.”

Rodriguez adds that the right words can strengthen your relationship with a Scorpio, but if you choose the wrong words, you can also “ignite their passionate nature or even deeply hurt them.” So, if you have a Scorpio in your life, read the seven phrases you should avoid when talking to them.

1 – “You are too intense/obsessive.”

Scorpios inherently have a driven nature and do not want to feel judged for their dedication or devotion to something.
“Scorpios have an intense and passionate nature, which is an integral part of their personality,” says Rodriguez. “Therefore, labeling them as ‘too intense’ makes them feel misunderstood or judged.”

Things get a little more complex when this intensity is misunderstood as obsession, according to Rachel Clare, astrologer at Mysticsense.

“Their ruling planet, Pluto, signifies fixation and transformation. When they focus on a goal or person, their determination can be mistaken for obsession,” explains Clare. “However, it is essential to recognize that Scorpios are passionate beings who wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to what interests them. It is important to encourage balance and support their pursuits without judgment.”

2 – “You are so stubborn.”

According to Clare, Scorpio is one of the four “fixed” signs – those that fall in the middle of each season – which gives them a more steadfast approach to life. But even so, Scorpios are not interested in hearing anything about their notorious stubbornness.
“The fixed modality of Scorpios gives them a determined and persistent nature. This trait can manifest as stubbornness in certain situations,” says Clare. “However, it is important to recognize that their stubbornness often stems from their passion and commitment.”

Instead of simply telling a Scorpio that they are being stubborn, Clare recommends having an “open dialogue” to find common ground and resolve any misunderstandings or conflicts.

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3 – “Let’s forget about it.”

Some of us prefer to forgive and forget, but Scorpios tend to hold onto things longer than others. As such, they don’t want to be instructed to move on before they are ready.
“‘Let’s forget about it’ can be problematic when said to a Scorpio because they tend to cling to past experiences and emotions,” says Rodriguez. “Scorpios are known for their introspective nature and their desire to delve into deeper meanings.”

She adds, “Ignoring or sidelining a situation can be perceived as disregarding the need for emotional exploration.”

4 – “Why are you so sensitive?”

As a water sign, Scorpios are in touch with their emotions and are highly intuitive, according to Clare. But while they are in touch with their feelings, Scorpios don’t want to be asked why they are emotional.
Dismissing their emotions as being “too sensitive” disregards their natural inclination to feel deeply and emotionally connect with others,” says Clare. “Validating their feelings and providing a supportive environment can promote healthier interactions.”

5 – “Let’s do it my way.”

Another defining trait of Scorpio is independence. So, if you want to help, don’t just take control – make sure they still feel included in the process.
“Scorpios value their autonomy and like to be involved in decision-making processes,” says Rodriguez. “Imposing your own way without considering their opinion can be perceived as controlling or dismissive of their views.”

6 – “Let me do it for you.”

Similarly, don’t offer to do something for a Scorpio without having an open conversation first. According to Rodriguez, simply saying, “Let me do it for you” won’t sit well with them.
“While offering assistance or support can be appreciated, this phrase can inadvertently undermine a Scorpio’s sense of independence,” she says. “The reason is that these words simply mean that you are superior in some way – and Scorpios have a strong sense of identity and take pride in their individuality.”

Rodriguez adds that Scorpios cannot accept that they are incapable of doing something, and they will perceive your offer – even if well-intentioned – as an “attack on their confidence.”

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7 – You are too controlling.

Clare points out that Scorpios also seek control, and that might be why they simply won’t relinquish control when you offer to help them.
“Scorpios have a natural desire for control, driven by their fixed modality and the association of their ruling planet, Pluto, with power,” she says. “Their symbol, the Scorpion, also embodies a sense of control and self-protection.”

So, if they reject your offer, you might be tempted to tell a Scorpio that they are “too controlling.” But before doing so, Clare suggests taking a step back.

“While excessive control can be challenging in some situations, it is crucial to understand that Scorpios’ need for control is part of their astrological makeup,” she says.

Source: BestLife Online

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