Combination of Signs – Pisces and Sagittarius

Combination of Signs - Pisces and Sagittarius. Photo: Pixabay
Combination of Signs – Pisces and Sagittarius. Photo: Pixabay

Discover which signs match better among all the zodiac signs – Pisces and Sagittarius

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There is a very important common point that can unite this curious couple: spirituality and mysticism. Sagittarius is a sign of search, and so is Pisces. They search for themselves and spiritual enlightenment, the true meaning of their own lives, and life on the whole planet.
Both share the need to be in connection with something bigger and deeper than what we see. They are both religious signs, in the sense of the need to make contact and connection with God within and outside themselves.

However, they have quite different vibrations, as Sagittarius is a child of the fire element, while Pisces is of the water element. While Sagittarius operates through mental elaborations of life, Pisces operates through emotions and irrationality.

Sagittarius’s lack of patience with the enigmatic Pisces can damage the relationship. Sagittarius is straightforward, frank, objective, and clear in their intentions and also in the responses they give to the world. Pisces is subjective, emotional, and too sensitive for our often aggressive Sagittarius. Pisces is never direct, in fact, it goes round and round, never getting straight to the point, often leaving our Sagittarius friend quite annoyed, as Sagittarius is straightforward and pulls no punches.

Piscean subjectivity often irritates our centaur friend who, from time to time, needs to let off some steam from his anger and dissatisfaction, and this can hurt our fragile little fish. Also, Pisces is one of the most dependent signs of the zodiac, while Sagittarius is the exact opposite. Besides being extremely independent, they cannot bear to carry people who develop a certain dependency on them.

They also cannot stand indecision and insecurity, typical characteristics of Pisces. Sagittarius is a mental sign, linked to science and brainy, logical explanations. Nothing gets past them without first passing through the sieve of reason. Pisces is pure emotion and their understanding of life goes only through their feelings, which are usually diffuse and subjective. Two temperaments too different for the balance necessary in a couple’s relationship.

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