Chocolate: discover 5 spiritual benefits of the sweet

Chocolate: discover 5 spiritual benefits of the sweet
Chocolate: discover 5 spiritual benefits of the sweet. Photo: Pexels

Did you know that chocolate is actually a medicine? The ancient Mayans and Aztecs used chocolate for spiritual and ceremonial purposes.

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Chocolate, in its purest form (unlike the chocolate available in stores), is a powerful aid for “inner work,” creative guidance, and more.
Chocolate is one of the most potent and gentle facilitators, teachers, and guides on the planet! Cacao is ‘The Food for Change,’ and there are rituals made for the Spirit of Cacao, in gratitude for allowing us to grow, heal, and become powerful creators, as well as BE and emanate LOVE!

Perhaps you are wondering ‘Can this delicious superfood really help me spiritually?!’. The answer is yes! Check out 5 of the many spiritual benefits of chocolate:


Access to “one mind” or unitary consciousness, enabling connection with creative ideas. You enter a zone where you are receiving moments of inspiration and ideas. With enhanced masculine/feminine balance, they manifest.


More effective, deep, and easy yoga and chi kung practice. Your practice improves on all levels; physical, mental, spiritual, emotional. This is probably the case with other practices as well (aikido, kick boxing, etc.).


A deeper and stronger connection with “the light,” new and higher dimensions, raising your vibration. There’s a 2-second shift you can make to access this vibration forever. This is also a space to connect with your guides, or whomever you seek guidance from, and also to create new connections!


More clarity and connection in your life purpose. Clarity about your talents, skills and how you are here to serve – you easily connect with your creative abilities; writing, painting, dancing, music or whatever really gives you joy in doing.


The reason why we are here! Chocolate is a gentle and powerful feminine force. It is the force of the new world. In fact, “power” is a better word than “force”. By surrendering to the essence and energy of Chocolate, you can enter higher dimensions. It facilitates a deep shamanic experience of “being in the world, but not belonging to it” or “having a foot in both worlds”. You become the Ascended Master on Earth, bringing Heaven TO Earth. It shows how you can change your perception so that life is fun. This is what we are here for, to have fun!

Source: Soul Discovery Academy

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