Combination of Signs – Libra and Pisces

Combination of signs – Libra and Pisces. Photo: Pixabay
Combination of signs – Libra and Pisces. Photo: Pixabay

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The two most delicate signs, who avoid confrontations, may feel an irresistible attraction at first sight.

However, despite the gentleness, which will undoubtedly dominate between this couple, there isn’t a very balanced vibrational frequency. Air signs typically don’t understand water signs and vice versa.

Libra operates on an intellectual wavelength, gravitating towards a rational understanding of life and the world.

Whereas Pisces operates through sensations and emanations that aren’t rationally explainable, resonating from the deepest and most inexplicable emotions, reacting more to the sensations that situations or people elicit.

They understand life through emotions and sensations, not logic.

Libra picks up on intellectual nuances and maintains logic in all situations, no matter how unbalanced they may seem. They rationalize and seldom lose reason or balance, while Pisces experiences emotional highs and lows that don’t pass through reason. Pisces often wears their unconscious emotions on their sleeve, struggling to understand their own processes.

There are some commonalities, which can be a strong bonding point between the two: love for art, sensitivity, respect, and concern for each other’s needs, along with a profound love for human expressions.

However, all this seems to work better in a friendship than in a romantic relationship.

Pisces is dependent, unlike Libra. Pisces is physically affectionate and loving, while Libra isn’t as focused on physical touch but more on intellectual exchange.

Indecision and insecurity can be challenging since neither can act with adequate objectivity and focus.

Libra needs social life, their friends around, and almost constant social entertainment and pleasure.

Pisces occasionally needs to dive into their solitary world, which can be risky for the relationship. If there’s respect and understanding, which both signs possess, they might manage to live in harmony for a long time.

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