Virgos: Discover 6 differences between those born in August and September!

Virgos: Discover 6 differences between those born in August and September! Photo: pexels
Virgos: Discover 6 differences between those born in August and September! Photo: pexels

Virgos, whether you are one or not, being of the same sign as someone doesn’t mean you’ll have an instant cosmic kinship. In fact, some believe that August Virgos and September Virgos might come from completely opposite ends of the cosmic spectrum.

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Everyone has a unique astrological chart from birth, and our planetary placement can vary depending on the day, year, and even the minute we were born.

But is there any real astrological basis for the purported differences between August and September Virgos?

There are many astrological reasons why people with the same zodiac sign might be so different from one another, especially since our sun signs are just one part of our natal charts.

This means that while nearly everyone born between August 23 and September 22 is a Virgo, they might have very different moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and rising zodiac signs.

All may share some core Virgo qualities, but they can easily have major variations in how they communicate, express themselves, behave in relationships, process their emotions, and pursue their goals.

But another factor to consider is your zodiac sign’s decan. In traditional astrology, each zodiac sign is divided into three subdivisions (known as decans), and these groupings can change how a sign’s energy is expressed.

Each sign measures 30 degrees on the zodiac wheel – so the first 10 degrees of a sign represent the first decan, the second 10 degrees are the second decan, and the final 10 degrees are the third decan.

Since the sun travels roughly one degree per day during each zodiac sign’s season, this means that all August Virgos are first decans, while most of the September-born Virgos (excluding those born in the early days of the month) are second or third Virgo decans.

Here are some of the key differences between August and September Virgos, using decans as a guide, highlighting the complexity and variety of zodiac signs.

1 – August-borns have more conventional Virgo qualities

Mercury is Virgo’s ruling planet. In the first decan, Virgos (born in August) are solely ruled by Mercury, usually embodying the most classic Virgo traits.
They often exemplify the stereotypical strengths and weaknesses associated with Virgo energy – such as being helpful, detail-oriented, pragmatic, meticulous, and organized.

Most Virgos born after September 2 are of the second or third decan, meaning they have a co-ruling planet influencing how their Virgo energy is expressed.

2 – September Virgos have a more material orientation

Most Virgos born in September are of the second or third decan – meaning they are co-ruled by Saturn (planet of responsibility) or Venus (planet of values).
Both planets bring a more money-oriented and materially-focused vibe to Virgo’s realistic vibration – so if you’re a September-born Virgo, you might find that leveraging your work ethic to acquire luxuries, build wealth, and flaunt your status feels more significant to you than it does for August Virgos.

3 – August-borns are the most intellectual

As the singular earth sign ruled by the planet Mercury, all Virgos are blessed with a strong sense of practicality – but August Virgos tend to view life through an even more rational and analytical lens.
In the first decan, Virgos get the heaviest dose of Mercury’s intelligent and mental influence, making them the most logical and intellectual of the Virgo bunch.

They’re great at making detailed plans, articulating their thoughts in an organized manner, and spotting typos that everyone else missed.

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4 – September Virgos have a keen sense of style

All Virgos are known for being extremely observant and perceptive when it comes to details. But for the third decan Virgo, co-ruled by the artistic planet Venus (all born in mid-September), this sharp attention is especially strong when it comes to aesthetics.
September Virgos will be visually discerning, with a special knack for bringing more beauty into the world around them through their organizational skills. Their Virgo nature tends to be expressed in a more stylistic manner – like through artistically refined fashion sense or carefully curated home decor.

5 – August Virgos tend to be more adaptable

Virgos are one of the mutable zodiac signs, meaning they are naturally adaptable and have an innate understanding of change.
But, the first Virgo decan is exclusively ruled by the quick-thinking planet Mercury, making them even more flexible than the rest of the Virgo gang.

August Virgos know how to go with the flow – and it’s easy for them to shift gears quickly (while still being meticulous) if circumstances change suddenly.

6 – September-borns can be harder on themselves

Virgos have a reputation for being self-critical, but the weight of this trait can be heavier for those born in September.
Their co-ruling planets, Saturn and Venus, can amplify the feeling of obligation to perform perfectly in personal and professional settings. This might make September Virgos a bit more demanding of themselves, possibly even leading to them pushing themselves harder in order to meet higher standards.

In conclusion, while both August and September Virgos share many qualities, the influence of decans, as well as other factors in their natal charts, can lead to varying expressions of their Virgo energy. It’s always worth remembering that zodiac signs are complex, multi-dimensional, and no two people, even if they are born under the same sign, will be identical.

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