Combination of Signs – Pisces and Libra

Combination of Signs – Pisces and Libra. Photo: Pixabay
Combination of Signs – Pisces and Libra. Photo: Pixabay

Find out which signs match best among all the zodiac signs – Pisces and Libra

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The two most delicate signs and averse to confrontations may feel an irresistible attraction at first sight.
However, despite the delicacy, which will certainly reign between this couple, there is not a very balanced vibratory frequency. Air signs usually do not understand water signs and vice versa.

Libra vibrates at a mental, intellectual frequency, oriented towards a rational understanding of life and the world.

While Pisces operates through sensations and effluences that are not rationally explainable, it vibrates from the deepest and inexplicable emotions, working more through the sensations that a situation or person provokes.

Pisces understands life through emotions and sensations, and not through logic.

Libra captures intellectual nuances and maintains logic in all situations, no matter how unbalanced they may seem. Libra rationalizes and rarely loses reason or balance, while Pisces lives emotional highs and lows that do not pass through reason. Pisces usually has the unconscious world on the surface, without understanding its own processes.

There are some things in common, which can be a strong point of union between the two: the love for art, sensitivity, respect and concern for each other’s needs, as well as a great love for human expressions.

However, all of this works better in a friendship than in a love relationship.

Pisces is dependent, unlike Libra. Pisces is affectionate and physically affectionate, and Libra is not very connected to physical contacts, but rather to mental exchange.

Indecision and insecurity can be a point of difficulty, as both cannot act with sufficient objectivity and focus.

Libra needs social life, its friends around, and almost constant social amusement and pleasure.

Pisces needs to dive into its lonely world from time to time, and this can be dangerous for the relationship. If there is respect and understanding, which is not lacking for either of the two signs, they can manage to live in harmony for a long time.

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