The greediest sign of the zodiac, according to astrology

O signo mais ganancioso do zodíaco, segundo a astrologia. Foto: Pexels
The greediest sign of the zodiac, according to astrology. Photo: Pexels

For some people, enough is never sufficient. They are driven by the need for energy and only find satisfaction in exquisite dinners, shopping sprees, and expensive champagne. If you know someone who always wants more, astrology may be to blame.

Read on to discover which signs astrology claims to be the greediest, ranging from minimally materialistic to highly greedy.

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6th Capricorn

Capricorns often feel insecure. They strive to be the best and when disappointed, they become disillusioned. To combat this, they endlessly exert themselves. “Capricorns are ruled by the planet Saturn, which is known as the ‘planet of limitation,’ and this can lead Capricorns to feel like they are always lacking in some way,” explains Kelly Grayson, founder and astrologer at CrystalDigest. “This can make them resistant to sharing and they may hoard resources out of fear of not having enough later.”
Due to this insecurity, they are extremely ambitious, especially in the boardroom. “They can be relentless in their pursuit of success and can often be found climbing the corporate ladder,” says Grayson. They are also cautious with their money, and this reluctance to spend can make them appear greedy.

5th Scorpio

According to astrology, Scorpios are intense and dislike sharing. “They are always mindful of their own outcomes and hesitate to let go of their hard-earned money,” explains Grayson, describing them as “possessive and controlling.” They are often quite secretive about their finances and may go to great lengths to hide their earnings from others (and have a reason to avoid paying).
This mysterious sign also demands that you focus on them at all times. “They are incredibly jealous and demand all the attention from their nearest and dearest,” warns MediumChat astrologer Tara Bennet. And if you don’t give them the recognition they believe they deserve, “Scorpio will use their manipulation powers to ensure it,” she says.

4th Pisces

Unlike the more mercenary signs, Pisces is the most possessive when it comes to their time, which they deeply value, according to astrology. “Some may say that Pisces are greedy because they want to keep everything to themselves, but in reality, Pisces simply understand the value of what they have,” says Grayson.
Don’t expect a Pisces to readily share with whom they’re dating or their true feelings with you unless they completely trust you, which may take time. So while they may not be greedy with material things, they become predatory about their personal lives.

3rd Taurus

This sign loves nice things. “Taurus signs tend to be quite materialistic and are always looking for ways to acquire more possessions,” notes Grayson. As they always want more, they often save up for bigger and better items.
Taurus may enjoy a nice dinner out more than the next sign, but if you’re joining them, be prepared to open your wallet. “Taureans love luxury and tradition but hate footing the bill,” advises Bennet. While they are happy to indulge in good things, they don’t often splurge on friends. “Their hard-earned money is for them and no one else,” says Bennet.

2nd Virgo

This hypercritical sign dislikes sharing and is always looking for ways to save, which means they will think about a major purchase for hours or even days. Grayson says Virgos are “often very frugal and can even be considered cheap.”
Bennet adds that Virgos “want the luxury lifestyle purely for themselves, not caring how others live.” Therefore, they are often seen as calculating, not caring about anyone but themselves in their quest to obtain the lives they believe they deserve.

1st Leo

These ambitious and status-obsessed individuals always want to be the center of attention. Grayson portrays Leos as “proud and arrogant,” and she says they “can often be found flaunting their wealth.” Therefore, Leos are the type to dress to impress or buy a flashy house.
But Leo’s arrogance goes beyond material possessions. “As the kings of the jungle, they believe it is their right to monopolize all the attention and will do whatever it takes to keep it for themselves,” says Bennet. If you’re not showering them with adoration, expect Leos to show their true greed.

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