Combination of Signs – Sagittarius and Virgo

Sagittarius and Virgo. Photo: Pixabay
Sagittarius and Virgo. Photo: Pixabay

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Sagittarius and Virgo a match?

This is a pair that will find more affinity as friends.

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There is a natural attraction between them, and since both are intellectual signs, they can fall in love, unknowingly, with each other’s minds and intelligence.

Both love the outdoor life and some adventure sports, such as hiking and ecotourism. However, as a couple, understanding will be challenging.

Sagittarius belongs to the fire element, is the child of Zeus, the most exaggerated god of the zodiac. Sagittarius is too adventurous for the sensible Virgo sign. Sagittarius is brave, adventurous, courageous. Life only makes sense to him if he can gallop out, getting to know other tribes and places.

Virgo is fearful, cautious, and won’t take a single step forward if they feel any danger looming, and of course, there’s always danger in everything new. Nothing is safe enough, so they end up treading a familiar path. The mere mention of some adventures and risks can make Virgo’s hair stand on end. Virgo seeks safety, trust, and stability.

Sagittarius is averse to all of this because they are a fickle sign, adventurous and will always prefer novelty over the old routine, which is absolutely essential to every Virgo.

Virgos are full of rules, set schedules, and a rigidly established routine. Sagittarius likes novelty and a bit of unpredictability to spice up life and have stories to tell friends. Hence, their relationship with everyday life is totally different, which can be a significant point of conflict between them: while Virgo meticulously plans their weekly agenda with schedules and tasks, Sagittarius always looks for something new, letting life happen on its own, living life as it comes in whatever way they find fitting at the moment.

The more novelties, the better, as they are people who loathe routine. A Virgo routine could be extremely dull for Sagittarians, akin to a death sentence. In bed, the freedom and lack of inhibitions of a Sagittarian might scare the more modest Virgo.

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