Congelani! The 4 Coldest Zodiac Signs

Congelani! The 4 Coldest Zodiac Signs
Congelani! The 4 Coldest Zodiac Signs. Photo: Pexels

Have the nights been very Capricorn-like for you? If the weather already feels icy to you, we’ll tell you which are the coldest zodiac signs.

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1 – Capricorn

They’re the most pragmatic and rational sign of the zodiac.
Capricorn creates a thin layer of ice around their emotions to protect themselves and prevent emotions from penetrating their intense and deep emotional world.

Be it work, career, or family, they’re the boss, the almighty one whom everyone respects and follows because their coldness and rationality rarely lead astray.

If there’s something or someone in their way, they’ll go through it without looking back. Don’t get too excited about possibilities with a Capricorn.

You might get a cold shower.

Ultimately, Capricorns only celebrate what’s real and concrete. Before something becomes reality, they keep it discreet.

2 –Virgo

If you keep falling in love with them, take it slow if you don’t want to experience the biggest and coldest rejection in your life. Virgo has understanding and is highly rational.
Understanding the emotional world is far from Virgos’ needs, whether they’re men or women.

They often avoid dramatic expressions and very sensitive situations. Many of them don’t engage emotionally and try to control their feelings.

That’s why they often seem cold. They hate deep emotional expressions. They are very cold, after all, the world has to run like a Swiss watch, and emotions don’t fit in this internally organized world. Learn more about Virgo’s traits here.

3 –Aquarius

Aquarius has the reputation of being a form of ice, but that’s not entirely true. Notice that they’re only third on this list. But remember, they’re still on the list, okay?
Aquarius is cool and rational, they can be indifferent like few others.

They’re ruled by the mind and have a huge fear of the emotional world, whether it’s their own emotions or others’. They’re surprised by displays of affection and usually run away.

Aquarius has immense difficulty in building relationships but longs for a balanced and civilized society.

Aquarians are just and rational.

And what’s fair is fair, no matter who gets hurt.

4 – Sagittarius

Sagittarians have an animalistic side (remember, they’re half horse, right?) and they can kick like nobody else.
Sagittarians are aggressive and often speak the truth, regardless of whether you’re ready to hear it or not.

They’re often annoying, wanting you, a mere mortal, to reach the depth and breadth of their thoughts and conclusions.

Everything they do, they do with intelligent humor that can enchant you. But don’t be fooled; they rarely commit to someone for long.

They can easily fall in love but also lose interest with the same speed.

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