Sign Combination – Cancer and Sagittarius

Sign Combination - Cancer and Sagittarius. Photo: Pixabay Sign Combination – Cancer and Sagittarius. Photo: Pixabay

Discover which signs best match among all zodiac signs: Cancer and Sagittarius

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This pair is difficult to make work unless both have aspects in their charts indicating greater compatibility.

If they lack these compatible elements, they might seem more like a mixture of water and oil.

Sagittarius is a fire child, adventurous, restless, anxious, and fond of parties and a bustling social life.

Cancer is a homely sign, affectionate, warm, extremely tied to family, and fond of intimate gatherings with friends. It’s a sign linked to traditions, family stories, and everything related to the past.

Sagittarius is the sign of knowledge, spirituality, and heavily connected to the spiritual world.

Cancer can also be religious due to sharp intuition and extreme sensitivity.

However, Sagittarius is mental, somewhat aggressive, always looking forward and might find it unbearable how Cancer keeps clinging to the past, even if it was unhappy.

Cancer will also feel very insecure about Sagittarius’s enormous independence, always putting its freedom above everything.

Its freedom is more important than anything else.

At the first attempt Cancer makes to manipulate a situation, Sagittarius grabs its bag and leaves without looking back.

Scenes of jealousy and attempts at possession will push Sagittarius far away from our Cancer friend, who will take some time to understand what happened.

Cancer is faithful and often endures a lot before deciding to end a relationship.

What they most desire is to build a stable, secure, and lasting relationship.

Sagittarius is known for marrying multiple times.

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