How Each Zodiac Sign Overcomes a Crisis?

How does each zodiac sign overcome a crisis? Photo: pexel How does each zodiac sign overcome a crisis? Photo: pexel

There’s no doubt that the crisis is here. But there are those who decide – and manage – not to suffer because of it. There are also those who overcome any obstacle without great difficulties or with a lot of effort.

See how the signs react to a less than optimistic scenario and, above all, what they have in their favor to control and even overcome this crisis.


Aries people are aggressive, independent, and usually do not deal well with something or someone that may limit them. They are ambitious and warriors and do not give in to low spirits, even in the midst of great difficulty.
Determined, they fight until they get what they want and, in the midst of a crisis, may act even more aggressively to not lose what they have achieved.

The mere threat of losing their job, diminishing their business, or running out of money is enough reason for them to put on their armor, grab their swords, and go to war, in search of their survival.

They do not like defeats and, if necessary, will go over everything and everyone to achieve their goals.


Taurians are children of the earth element and ruled by Venus. The mere mention of the words ‘lack’, ‘difficulty’, or ‘poverty’ can make their soul shiver.
Taurus, alongside Capricorn, is the sign most concerned with security and material well-being.

Having money in the bank and purchasing power are key elements for the emotional balance of everyone in this sign. They are cautious, prudent, and sensible, therefore, they always have a reserve for any eventuality.

However, having to dip into these savings can represent a death sentence for Taurians. They do not deal well with the lack of work or with financial limits.

When this happens, living with the sweetest and most patient Taurian can become the most unbearable thing in the world.


Geminians are ‘laid-back’ about material life and usually do not deal well with their finances. They are more prone to unlimited spending than to saving, as they hardly refuse anything that brings them pleasure and entertainment.
They like to go out, have fun, visit pleasant places, and, in most cases, expensive ones. They often spend more than they should.

Being without a job will not be the worst of evils, as Geminians are versatile and very intelligent people, therefore, they possess varied talents.

One way or another, they will manage to dodge the crisis, doing one thing here, another there. They get by and even prefer not to put down roots anywhere.

They will not enter into despair, as happens with an earth or water sign.


Cancerians, as children of the water element, are extremely sensitive and insecure; very attached to everything and everyone they love and are dedicated to.
Their security in this world is in having a profession and a family to which they can dedicate themselves. Losing one of these life pillars can cause anyone of this sign to panic.

Work is extremely important to Cancerians, as they tend to get attached, not only to the routine, but also to the people with whom they interact daily. Money also serves as a symbol of emotional security.

However, they are cautious and even stingy with spending and, for this reason, always have some money saved.

They tend to be determined and, despite their fears, typical of this sign, they advance with strength and objectivity towards their goals.


Leos are children of fire and like a bit of adventure and novelty. A financial crisis, when it approaches the life of a person of this sign, can come as a challenge, as prey that must be hunted and taken down at any cost. Leos are strong and rarely let themselves be carried away by difficulties.
They are optimistic and fighters when necessary and do not like to lose. Yes, they love the applause and everything that makes them praised and put at the center of attention.

They will deal with a crisis, lack of money, or unemployment in a dignified manner, always with an erect spine, without lowering their head. And because of their own posture of warriors they assume, they will not be long amidst difficulties.


Virgos are children of the earth and, for this reason, very connected to the material world. Money and work are two points of support in their lives, and if one of these points is missing, a person of this sign can collapse. They deal better with the lack of money than with the lack of employment, as work is entirely tied to their identity. If they lose it, they enter a state of confusion which, for them, is like being on the brink of madness.
They tend to be quite prudent, secure with money, and will hardly go through very severe financial difficulties. They are not usually consumers, they spend only what is necessary. If they lose their job, they will quickly find something to do, even if it is not related to their profession. What they really cannot do is stay idle, without filling their days with some kind of work.


Librans are ruled by air and, for this reason, are not very prudent. They do not usually think about the future and, as children of Venus, the goddess of love and pleasure, they can spend what they have and what they don’t have on some piece of art or even on a special outfit. They do not have well-established limits when it comes to well-being and beauty and can blow their credit card in an afternoon at the beauty salon or in a night of pleasure.
Running out of money can mean death for a person of Libra, as this means that they will have to live with the lack, especially the absence of beauty in their surroundings. They usually do not have clear paths to follow towards their goals, and for this reason, they can sink even deeper when they are in the midst of a crisis. The best thing they can do for themselves is to seek the help of a dear friend, who can bring them back the joy of living with a new job. Alone, they hardly manage to get up.


Scorpios are people totally related to survival, whether emotional or material. Although they are ruled by the water element, their life task is to understand the various processes of birth and death that all humans go through in their lives. And, for them, this is almost a way of living, being born and dying several times in a single life period. Dealing with losses and the death of a situation, whether a relationship or a job, is difficult, but they, deep down, know that this is part of their story.
Scorpios are sensitive and have an instinct greater than themselves. They sense when death is approaching and know exactly what to do when it arrives. They rarely fall into depression over a loss and, even if they stumble, they will go to the bottom of the pit and in a few days emerge, reborn.


Sagittarians are children of Zeus and ruled by the fire element and, for this reason, deal with life as if it were a stage of pleasures and joys.
Therefore, saving is not part of their life projects. They tend to spend what they earn, at least until they mature a bit. Sagittarians are usually quite versatile and, most of the time, have already done many things to earn some money. They may get a little worried, but they will quickly go out in search of solutions. Even because a Sagittarian does not let themselves be down.

Hope never dies for people of this sign. And, without a doubt, the children of Jupiter are very lucky and know that, very quickly, some door will open right in front of their eyes.


Capricorns are certainly the most ambitious and hardworking people of the zodiac. They are tireless and extremely determined to succeed. They are deeply shaken when something blocks their path. But it won’t be just any event that will make them give up. I usually say that Capricorns are born knowing what they want and the obstacles they will face to achieve their goals.
And they always reach them, even if it takes years. Stubborn, they do not get discouraged for long, and even if they lose their job, they will have a well-kept reserve of money. They will stop for a few days, reflect, and draw up a new strategy, a new plan of attack. Then they will try once, twice, three times, a thousand times until they get back on track. And they will win, in the way they have determined for themselves.


Aquarians, children of the air, are undoubtedly the most creative beings of the zodiac. They are extremely mental and sometimes a bit cold when something significant and important happens in their lives. If a crisis approaches, it won’t be for long, as they will quickly pursue what they desire.
They are not very emotional people who get discouraged or worried for long about storms. They can do anything to earn their money, without any prejudice. But, certainly, whatever they set out to do will be something modern and innovative. This is where their creativity and inventive genius come in.

Often, it is in moments of crisis that Aquarians discover their capacity, talents, and vocations.


Pisceans are ruled by Neptune, the god of the oceans, and children of the water element. They are extremely sensitive and, most of the time, have great difficulty dealing with money and adapting to the material world. They are not usually ambitious and, for this reason, prefer to work for someone else or a company, rather than owning their own business.
They do not have enough emotional structure to deal with losses and get discouraged quickly. They can sink into a dark pit of feelings of worthlessness and rejection if they lose their job.

Normally, they need the help of close friends and relatives to face a more severe crisis, whether financial or emotional.

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