Pray to Archangel Haniel to attract love

Pray to Archangel Haniel to attract love. Photo: Pexels
Pray to Archangel Haniel to attract love. Photo: Pexels

Are you alone in search of love? Or do you lack a healthy relationship that makes you happy?

Perform the Prayer of Archangel Haniel to attract a healthy and serious love.

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From sunrise to sunset, let us praise Angel and Archangel Haniel, prince of love and mercy, remove evil from my heart and paths, open my soul so I may find the love destined for my journey.

For the love you hold in your essence before the throne of the Most High, may I, servant of the Light, have the grace to find my soul companion.

May peace and health dwell in our hearts, may food never be lacking on our table, and may our families have trust and light to face turbulent times.

Instill in my heart trust and faith, so I have clarity of spirit and can choose the best for my path.

May my soul be filled with divine love, and may Haniel be present in my life, warding off envy, traps, hatred, lack of hope, and dreams.

May Haniel, along with Raphael, patron of sincere lovers, purify past wounds, cleanse my feelings, and show me the value of forgiveness, so that love may pulse in all my cells and be felt by all who approach me.

May prosperity flow abundantly in all areas of my life.

May my partner be loving, prosperous, sincere, friendly, loyal, and true, to complete my soul so that together we may walk fulfilling our earthly mission and having the blessings and protection of the Angels.

So be it!

Also, recite Psalm 114 for 21 days with a lit pink candle and a glass of water beside it.

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