Aquarius: Fair

Aquarians are children of the air element and ruled by Uranus, the planet discovered under the cry of the French Revolution, “liberty, equality, and fraternity.”

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Aquarians have two sides: one more conservative and another ultra-modern. Usually, they experience the conflict between the old and the new within themselves.

One way or another, Aquarians are deeply connected to ideas and cannot live without an ideal.

Those of brotherly love, cooperation, and justice are the most intense and present in the heart of a person of this sign.

They are governed by the mind and have an intense fear of the emotional world, both of their own emotions and those of the people around them.

They cannot stand intense people with strong emotional manifestations for very long. Navigating this world makes them lose the control they exert over themselves.

They get scared and usually run away. Aquarius has a tremendous difficulty in relating but yearns for a balanced and civilized society.

They are extremely intelligent, and their ideas are often ahead of their time.

Many times they are considered lunatics, but in reality, their creativity surpasses the comprehension of most.

Aquarians love friendships and tend to be better friends than lovers.

We can find many Aquarians in politics, cutting-edge technology, and activities that are part of the New Age, such as astrology, for example.

Aquarians are fair and rational. What is fair is fair, no matter who it hurts.

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