Sign Combination – Aquarius and Pisces

Sign Combination – Aquarius and Pisces. Photo: Pixabay
Sign Combination – Aquarius and Pisces. Photo: Pixabay

Aquarius and Pisces: Discover which signs are the most compatible with yours

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Aquarius is an air sign and has two conflicting sides: one is traditional and conservative, and the other is modern and innovative. They typically place these sides in different sectors of their lives. For instance, they might be conservative in all matters relating to work but struggle to settle in a relationship. Conversely, in relationships, they might be more loyal and strive for stability, while seeking a career path that allows for their innovative and creative side.

Aquarius is a mental sign, processing life primarily through the mind and then through emotions. They aren’t necessarily known for deep sensitivity in understanding human emotions and challenges. On the contrary, they can be critical and even somewhat cold in this regard. Aquarians often struggle with emotional displays, and the more dramatic these are, the less respect they might have for them.

Pisces is a water sign and the most sensitive of the trio. They are driven by emotion, sensitivity, and vulnerability. They perceive and interpret life through feelings, vague intuitions, and especially their emotional realm. They often find it challenging to understand and accept the material world, and as a result, tend to idealize and fantasize about the world and humans in general.

They aren’t necessarily a perfect match unless it’s about deep friendship and intellectual discussions about the philosophy of life. Even as friends, they might considerably irritate each other.

Aquarius is mentally oriented, whereas Pisces is deeply emotional and sentimental. Aquarius’s independence and ease in handling their own life might initially seem attractive, but over time can intimidate Pisces, who belong to one of the most dependent signs of the zodiac. Aquarians are rational, contemporary, love social life, and fight for the common good. Pisces shares the same idealism but can appear too confusing for our fast and cool Aquarian.

In reality, it comes down to a difference in energy vibration, as air and water signs rarely find the necessary energy balance for a peaceful life together. There isn’t a strong connection for a long-lasting relationship. It’s likely that Aquarius may become too overwhelming for Pisces’s sensitivity, which can be detrimental for both.

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