Sign Combination – Aries and Scorpio

Sign Combination – Aries and Scorpio. Photo: Pixabay
Sign Combination – Aries and Scorpio. Photo: Pixabay

Aries and Scorpio: Discover which signs match best among all the zodiac signs

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This relationship can be quite fiery, but this flame and intensity can exceed limits, potentially burning and destroying them both.

A lack of intensity won’t be a characteristic of this relationship. However, intensity can be good or bad; everything depends on how it’s handled.

Since this relationship involves two visceral and impulsive types, the outcome might not be the best. Thus, the best thing for both is to learn to respect each other’s boundaries if they wish to maintain the relationship.

Otherwise, it will be like living in a minefield.

A volatile, complex, and passion-filled relationship needs to be handled with care. Scorpio irresistibly attracts Aries, at least initially. However, once Aries starts to sense Scorpio’s subtle manipulation and blackmail attempts, things will become complicated. The difference is that Aries is direct and transparent, whereas Scorpio hides true intentions behind manipulations and blackmail, which can confuse and drive a more naive or distracted Aries insane.

At first, it might work, but over time, the fights will become frequent and intense, leading to inevitable wear and tear.

Aries is free and independent; probably even their parents couldn’t keep them under their wings. They hate control, jealousy scenes, and possessive feelings.

In fact, control and possessiveness are emotions that don’t resonate with Aries. They might often be misinterpreted because of the excessive freedom they give to their Scorpio partner.

In bed, they will be a dynamic duo. At the beginning, passion will dominate both signs, but, over time and after frequent arguments, a displeasing feeling of rejection and revulsion might emerge.

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And as this flame starts to wane, the arguments will increase until they reach a breaking point.

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