Why is Taurus so hard to love?

Why is Taurus so hard to love? Photo: pexels
Why is Taurus so hard to love? Photo: pexels

There’s something endearing about a Taurus zodiac sign. When they care, they love deeply and are generous and kind. Yet, those in a relationship with a Taurian often say they’re one of the most challenging zodiac signs to deal with.

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Why is it so hard to love Taurus?

Considering this sign is ruled by the planet of love and beauty, it’s surprising they can be so hard to love.

But between their stubborn nature and emotional unavailability, Taurus is not the easiest in a relationship.

While they have their strengths – Taurians are reliable, patient, and responsible – those born between April 20 and May 20 certainly have their flaws.

Why is it so hard to love Taurians?

They are stubborn.

Their celestial spirit animal makes a lot of sense, considering they tend to be quite headstrong.
Furthermore, they are a fixed earth sign. While this makes them reliable and steady, it also means they dislike changes.

Taurus is a creature of habit and likes things the way they like them.

They are set in their ways, leaving little room for the other person in a relationship.

Once a Taurian has an opinion in their head, there’s no convincing them otherwise. In fact, they’re so certain they’re right they’ll argue about it until everyone agrees.

Taurus is bad in conflict because they’d rather keep fighting than admit they’re wrong. They probably won’t even agree to disagree.

Compromise is a vital part of any relationship, and if one partner is too stubborn to do it, it can be extremely frustrating.

Taurus is self-centered.

The second sign of the zodiac often struggles to look beyond themselves.
It’s in their nature to put themselves first and protect their interests at all costs.

As an earth sign, they are dedicated, driven, and hardworking. Taurus has practical goals and will do everything in their power to achieve them.

Usually, these goals involve accumulating material goods because they are ruled by the planet Venus.

Venus might be the planet of love, but it also governs things like luxury, pleasure, and value, meaning Taurus tends to be materialistic and greedy.

They know what they want and won’t stop until they get it.

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Sadly, in their effort to achieve their goals and gain security, they can lose sight of what truly matters.

They can have an explosive temper.

Taurus tends to hide their emotions, so it takes a lot for them to become visibly upset. When they do, however, it’s undoubtedly explosive.
While Taurus can stay calm in most situations, when something truly irks them, they aren’t afraid to make a scene and let others know about it.

Their sharp tongue, stubborn nature, and explosive anger result in aggressive outbursts.

They are possessive.

Taurus has a very jealous and possessive nature.
Since it takes a while for Taurians to trust others, they get very attached to their partner.

Taurus is committed and prefers long-term relationships over flings.

If they feel their partner is drifting away, they will try to pull them back in, which can come off as possessive.

Still, Taurus has a jealous streak. Whether in a relationship or even just a friendship, Taurians want you all to themselves.

Even a lingering glance or a short conversation with someone else can set a Taurian off, especially if they disapprove of the other person.

What others see as possessive, Taurus views as being overly protective.

Taurus is emotionally unavailable.

Because of their focus on material possessions, Taurians can be very introspective and tend to internalize their emotions.
They are not the type to express their feelings unless prompted.

It takes a while for them to warm up to new people, so you’ll probably always see them with the same group of friends.

Their stubborn nature combined with their preference for introspection means they can come off as cold and aloof.

But just because they struggle to communicate their thoughts doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong.

Taurus also keeps many secrets from those around them, making them hard to trust.

On the bright side, their ability to keep secrets makes them the ideal confidants.

If you need to vent, Taurus is a great person to talk to, as they’ll take your secret to the grave.

Taurus is bossy.

Their dominant personality mixed with unwavering stubbornness makes them a very bossy sign.
As a fixed earth sign, Taurus is persistent, determined, and often tense.

They expect submission from others.

Relationships require give and take, but Taurus doesn’t always get that.

They expect their partner to follow their commands without question, making them hard to love.

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