Sign Combination – Scorpio and Virgo

Sign Combination – Scorpio and Virgo. Foto: Pexels
Sign Combination – Scorpio and Virgo. Foto: Pexels

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Scorpio and Virgo

The attraction between these two signs is always instantaneous. They look at each other and fall in love; there’s no doubt that something unconscious draws them to one another. There is a strangely intriguing energy between these two signs.

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There isn’t any real and profound affinity, but it’s undeniable that many couples of these signs have managed to maintain a harmonious relationship for a long time. It seems incredible, but Scorpio and Virgo often form a harmonious and interesting couple.

Scorpio is passionate and sexual, which should attract the modest and controlled Virgo. However, the differences between them are naturally accepted, as if one shelters the other in their own unconscious.

It seems that the difference between them contributes to a good understanding and balance within the couple. In everyday life, these differences barely appear, and everything progresses evenly.

Scorpio is firm and determined, which can be very beneficial to our insecure Virgo. Both have a critical capacity, which can be good or bad for the relationship.

Virgo is controlled and rational, the opposite of our beloved Scorpio, who loses control very easily, showing the best and worst of themselves.

It is necessary to establish and clarify boundaries since both signs are independent and authoritarian. This may be why they respect each other so much and do not allow each other’s shadow to surface. But ambition, analytical ability, closed and cautious temperament—all of this makes the couple vibrate in perfect harmony.

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The danger lies in the need to stay within their own world, as both are reserved, mysterious, and have a private realm, not allowing access to just anyone. Even the closest people have difficulty entering their personal worlds.

Virgo can bring Scorpio a little more rationality to deal with simpler problems, and Scorpio can teach Virgo the delight of emotional surrender.

In bed, both complement each other.

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