Signs Combination – Cancer and Aquarius

Signs Combination – Cancer and Aquarius. Photo: Pixabay
Signs Combination – Cancer and Aquarius. Photo: Pixabay

Cancer and Aquarius: This duo is like water and oil, hardly getting past the first encounter

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It’s better not to even insist, as suffering is almost certain unless one of them has an ascendant or a Moon in one of these signs that shows compatibility.
It would have been better if they hadn’t met.

Aquarius will be able to trigger all kinds of insecurities that the sensitive Cancerian heart has stored within.

Aquarius is an air sign and therefore, emotionally cold. It’s the sign of freedom, independence, ephemeral loves, and intellectual exchanges.

Contemporaneity is what attracts them most, in all sectors of life as a whole.

Aquarius is the sign of the future, always looking ahead, dislikes overly emotional scenes, and doesn’t easily connect with the emotional world.

Cancer attaches easily, is tied to traditions and the past.

Cancer’s romantic temperament will clash directly with Aquarian sarcasm and pragmatism. Aquarius is an air sign, thus mental. Cancer, a water sign, thus sensorial.

Aquarius is political, social, full of friends everywhere and of all kinds, connected to culture and intellectuality, and above all independent. In fact, this is one of their strongest traits. Never try to hold or establish rules for an Aquarian.

Cancer is conservative, homely, domestic, reserved, and attached to a few friends, besides being jealous, manipulative, and very, very dependent.

Therefore, there is no common ground in these different, but interesting temperaments. It’s better to opt for a fleeting romance.

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