The dark side of Cancer

The dark side of Cancer
The dark side of Cancer

Every sign has its own characteristics, both negative and positive. Let’s take a look at some positive traits of the Cancer zodiac.

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Known for being supportive of others’ needs and having a strong willpower, people of the Cancer sign are some of the most sensitive around.

Their sensitivity is the reason why they are able to understand others’ emotions in the best way possible. However, it also makes it difficult for them to accept life’s various challenges.

Here are some negative traits for the Cancer zodiac sign!

Extremely Sentimental

Cancerians are extremely sentimental. While it is good to have emotions, an excess of them will make you weak. This is exactly what happens with this zodiac that doesn’t handle life’s hardships very well. Their extremely sensitive nature also leads them to live in the ‘good old days’ and not focus on the present.

Holding Grudges

Holding Grudges
Holding grudges. Photo: pexels

While we all hold grudges against others once in a while, a Cancerian can really hold a grudge. They will never forget who hurt them, even if it was years ago!


It’s hard to classify a Cancerian as a particular type of person because they are very complicated and unpredictable. You might feel that you know them inside out, but the next moment they would do something you never saw coming.


If you matter to them, they will be possessive about you. A little possessiveness is good, but too much can make you feel trapped. A Cancerian needs constant assurance that the other person belongs to them. They tend to freak out about losing important people in their lives.


Secretive. Photo: pexels
Secretive. Photo: pexels

One of the most annoying habits of a Cancerian is to keep secrets. No matter your relationship with them, it’s likely that your Cancerian is hiding things. This isn’t because they are doing something wrong, but simply because it’s in their nature. A Cancerian will never reveal all the details of their life to someone.

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