These 3 signs are most likely to start a fight on Valentine’s Day

These 3 signs are most likely to start a fight on Valentine's Day. Photo: Pexels
These 3 signs are most likely to start a fight on Valentine’s Day. Photo: Pexels

Valentine’s Day, which in Brazil is celebrated on June 12th, is celebrated in various other countries on February 14th.

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Keeping an eye on the date, the website Elite Daily listed the 3 signs that might be more tense on this day and end up starting a fight at a romantic dinner.
The intention is to alert these people to take a deep breath and try to better understand their emotions, which may be more confused until the end of the week. See the signs that might end up having some conflict on this day:


The moon in Scorpio can bring a little bit of neediness to Cancerians on this day and leave emotions on the surface. It is important to remember that emotions should be understood and worked through. For this, stop, breathe and do yourself a favor by letting go of some of this whirlwind.


Despite being very loving, those ruled by Scorpio can end up having vengeful episodes every now and then. If they are in a bad mood, the chances are even higher and, on this day, Pluto makes the ironic side even more pronounced. The alert is to try to control the humor and acidic comments a bit.


Pisceans tend to be constantly late, so the alert is to try not to lose track of time on this day. The repetition of this not very pleasant habit can make the partner even more irritated and end up creating an awkward situation in the celebration.

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