These zodiac signs are the best at dealing with stress

Esses signos são os melhores para lidar com o estresse. Foto: pexel
These zodiac signs are the best at dealing with stress. Photo: pexel

You can always learn how to relieve stress, but for some, it comes naturally. There are some relaxed zodiac signs that are more likely to handle stressful situations in the calmest way possible.

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See if your sign is on the list:


People trust Leos to lead them for more than one reason. They have strong leadership skills and also know how to tackle problems head-on. They have the ability to handle high-stress situations. Leos can keep their cool and sense of humor when things get stressful. They know when to add some humor to a situation and that’s the key.


It helps to have a Capricorn around in a highly stressful environment. They are patient, wise, and won’t do anything that could worsen the situation. Capricorns seek out things they can control, and they know they would waste time and energy trying to control something that is uncontrollable. They react calmly and logically almost all the time.


Taureans are steadfast, calm, and the kind of person you can count on when in a tense situation. They won’t do anything impulsive, and every move is thought out very strategically. Taurus is known for their willingness to help those in need, and their generosity is perfect for handling stressful situations.


They are very insightful people who can see things that other people wouldn’t otherwise notice. When in very stressful situations, Geminis see the big picture and act accordingly. They are great at communicating, and their skills as mediators and negotiators will help in such situations. They tend to make any situation better just by being present.


If there’s a high-stress situation, you need to find an Aquarius. They know how not to take things personally and get too emotionally involved to help. They remain indifferent while being aware of their surroundings and seeing what can be used to resolve the situation.

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